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Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks That Deliver Results in 2024


Social Media is a key factor in today’s society, with about 55-60% of the world’s total population using social media. In the United States of America, this number is around 70-80%. With so many people using it, social media marketing is a prime area for a business to market their company and to reach out to more customers.

Simply being on social media isn’t enough though, you need to be active and careful about what is said. Succeeding in your business promotion through social media marketing strategy demands a distinctive social media marketing approach. Equally important is the way you structure your posts to cater to the preferences of your target audience.

A witty sharp retort poking at another business might reach some people, but for others, it will put them off and make them have a negative impression of your company. But there are some general things to keep in mind that almost everyone would appreciate from a company and leave them with a favorable opinion of your brand.


Open the curtain

Customers like to feel like they know what is going on, sure they enjoy the final product, but a lot of people are interested in learning how such products are created. Customers will feel like they know you better and will perceive you as being open and approachable if you share some of the process behind what you do.

A consumer is much more likely to buy from someone they perceive as transparent, over a company they consider shady. Anything that reveals the inner workings of your company, such as informational videos, or even a TikTok video about packing up your product can help engage customers in your social media marketing efforts. And if your company is an online one, where you’re selling a service, you can hint about future developments or things you’ve considered but dismissed.

Whichever you do, you should make sure to always link back to your website on your social media posts so that way the people who are interacting with the videos know where to go.


Teaching Versus Selling for Social Media Marketing

It’s all well and good to try and sell your product, but it’s going to become stale after a while of just saying the same thing in various ways. But, if you create social media marketing posts that explain various ways of using your product, then you’re more likely to sell it.

Inundating your audience with repetitive sales pitches, no matter how creatively disguised, can lead to fatigue and indifference. After all, who wants to follow a brand that’s constantly shouting, “Buy our product!” in different variations? Instead of adopting the one-dimensional selling strategy, businesses are finding that a more balanced approach that includes teaching can be far more effective.

Show people what all they can get out of a product, and if it might have a second purpose that isn’t immediately apparent show that as well, people like multifunctional products. An example of this for a company not selling a physical product can be an art program, where the company has tutorials on how to do art and use their program to make cool-looking images.

Educating potential customers is best achieved by developing short and captivating videos showcasing your product and how to use it. It’s also useful for customers you already have if they can’t figure something out about your product. People are much more likely to buy something they consider easy and simple to use than one that is overly complicated.

Teaching about your product is useful, but you do still need to sell your product, so promotional posts should be part of your strategy, but they shouldn’t be your entire strategy and should in fact only be part of it.

Teaching through social media marketing involves showcasing the versatility of your product or service. Balancing teaching and selling is important. For physical products, consider using tactics like limited-time offers or emphasizing that stock is running low. For digital products or services, discounts or exclusive offers can sway hesitant buyers.

When you create a promotional post, add a reason why a buyer should purchase it now. For a physical item, you could share that you only have a certain amount in stock before it’s gone. For a digital purchase, a sale or discount can help to convince someone to buy a product they were hesitating about.

These posts should be clear and easy to read, containing the relevant information the customer needs to purchase the item. Such as price, and what the item is. People are less likely to click on a post if they don’t know the price.

The information presented in promotional posts should be crystal clear. Ambiguity can lead to hesitation, and ultimately, potential customers clicking away. However, remember that humor should align with your brand’s voice and values. Share customer reviews and testimonials, and address any concerns or questions openly.

Another great best practice that comes from our social media marketing consultant guides is to make sure your posts are optimized for mobile devices, since a lot of people use social media from their phones, and even buy things directly from them.


Laughter & Interesting Social Media Marketing Content

As mentioned earlier, a witty sharp retort at another company might appeal to some audiences, because it makes them laugh, but it wouldn’t appeal to all of them. Because of this drawback, many companies err on the side of caution and come across as serious and like the business they are. However, users on social media often are looking for something to amuse them. Using humor as part of your social media marketing can result in elevated engagement, an increased following, and more customers.

People would follow a brand they consider funny. But, as mentioned, not all types of humor appeal to all people, so you have to consider your target demographic, what sort of jokes would appeal to them, and what would they be willing to share themselves. If you get someone to share your post it further spreads your posts to other people.

Some simple ways to add humor are to add simple memes, or by making a video with amusing commentary, This also makes your company seem more human and transparent, which customers like.

When doing these videos though, you have to make sure you maintain your brand’s voice. This isn’t an individual’s thoughts or opinions, it’s a company’s thoughts and opinions that are being used as social media marketing assets. And this sort of voice should be used over all the communications you use. Showing one voice on Facebook, another on X (previously known as Twitter,) and a third on YouTube would not appeal to users as your company comes across as two-faced, appealing to different audiences based on the platform they are on.

Engaging with people can be accomplished through humor, but it’s equally achievable by presenting pertinent content related to your company and the industry it belongs to. Such as relevant people in your industry, If your business is related to the tech industry, then sharing other developments in your industry would help. And mentioning specific names in your industry would help to make people interested in what you’re doing.

But, when selecting content to share, you should make sure the originator is also displaying similar values to your brand. It’s good for a company to be relevant and to show that they care about the people who do things relating to them and their industry.

Exploring the benefits of social media marketing for your business may be intricate, but showcasing your company as transparent and customer-friendly can entice followers and individuals more willing to give your business a chance over others. To find out more check out our social media marketing strategy eBooks .


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